Adam Fulwiler uses painting to investigate the possibilities of creating an abstract language to communicate memories thorough paint. He graduated in May of 2017 from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay with a BA in painting. Fulwiler has exhibited in galleries across the Midwest. His first solo exhibition was held in April 2018 at the Jabberwock Gallery in Algoma, WI. Fulwiler has also been exhibitions at the Miller Art Museum, The Dubuque Area Arts Collective, The Lawton Gallery, James May Gallery, James May North, and the New Visions Gallery. In fall of 2019 he accepted a full fellowship to attend the University of Arkansas in pursuit of his MFA in painting.

Artist Statement

I forge visual links between organic and geometric forms that attempt to translate memories into something concrete. Specifically, I am transforming the vocal into the visual, words into gesture, and conversation into mark. I am also interested in the spaces these memories come from and how memories are connected to spaces.


We all recall and verbalize memories in different ways. I have a younger brother with Autism. Through growing up with him and spending time amongst others with various developmental disorders, I became fascinated with how they think, communicate, and express themselves. Individuals with Autism often have hyper-accurate memory with certain subjects. When they do have the ability to communicate, it is very systematic. For me, fully engaging in the system of painting requires a willingness to take risks and delve into the physical and conceptual potential of materials through serious play, humor, and spontaneity. My marks are imbued with personal experience. I aim to create an environment of heightened physical, imaginative, and affective sensitivity. In painting, as in thought, the emotional takeaway ends up surpassing the clarity of direct representation.

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