Adam Fulwiler is a painter from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He received his BA in painting from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay in 2017 and is a current MFA candidate at the University of Arkansas. Fulwiler’s work investigates the employment of multiple systems of obstruction and chance. Currently his practice is also based in fictional writing. The writing is being translated into formalist visual structures to create emotional, spatial, and sensational signifiers based in affect. He has shown in exhibitions in Arkansas, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kentucky.

Artist Statement

I champion the position of unknowability while living in a culture that prides itself on having the ability to know everything via instant access to the internet and the massive troves of information it contains. Possibility, as a way of working, conveys new awareness of the complexities of process and result.


I am developing ways of composing that are organic, unpredictable, and contingent. The work begins with grit and thrashing and transitions into controlled and considered actions in the second stage. The process is one of constant accumulation while at the same time being one of compulsive undoing. Musical, poetic, semiotic, and marginal structures are some of the structures I am wrestling with. I have been exploring natural, human, fabricated, computer, and conceptual systems. Some things I see as influencing these decisions are place, jazz, board game mechanisms, and language.


Formalist structures of line, shape, color, and shading become emotional, spatial, and sensational signifiers each lending their qualities to almost recognizable forms. I fight to create meaningful contrasts that create varieties of spatial and optical effects (grit/lightness, concrete/unknown, thick/thin, funny/serious, and fast/slow). In addition to the use of color, overlapping shape, and acknowledgment of edge, collage has been a new technique that I have employed to create these contrasts and different types of space (actual/illusionistic, digital, shallow/deep). I aim to create an environment of heightened physical, imaginative, and affective sensitivity.

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